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Bylaws and Standing Rules

The Bylaws outline how the association operates; PTAs are encouraged to also have unit Procedures (Standing Rules) that provide the detail on how the association is run. Together, the Bylaws and Procedures will provide current and future officers and chairpersons the proper guidance to effectively run the affairs of our PTA. 


Procedures are unique to each unit and  are not required to be submitted to State or Regional offices. They do however, require membership approval, and must be adopted yearly as new officers and chairpersons join our PTA. Procedures may be changed year after year based on circumstances that may arise; as well as modifying any areas that may need improvements.


Bylaws must be renewed whether there are changes or not every three years. The expiration date of the current bylaws is July 1, 2017. 


Our PTA will have a Bylaws/Standing Rules Committee of 3-5 members yearly, whose function is to review each document and provide input for any modifications or amendments if necessary.