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Many people remain silent when they have the ability to be heard,

but speak loudly later about what was or wasn’t done.



This YOUR town and YOUR child’s education!

Together we can make our community:

ONE voice for EVERY child.


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Advocate for Eastchester Schools!

March 2015


                       It is not too late to fight for Eastchester School District's State aid! 

              Your advocacy made a difference last year in helping Eastchester receive additional aid....

                                                                  It is time to act again.


Click here for more information and the letter to send our legislators:

Dear Eastchester Parents, Guardians and Residents:

Once again, your assistance is needed to make sure that our elected officials hear from Eastchester residents on an important issue affecting the children and community of Eastchester. Your advocacy made a difference last year in helping Eastchester receive additional aid. It is time to act again. 

As you are likely aware, New York public schools, including the Eastchester School District, have seen substantial cuts in state aid for the last 6 years.  In 2009, the State had difficulty balancing its budget so it used an accounting maneuver called the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) to eliminate the State’s budget “gap.” Money that was promised to school districts was instead applied to balance the overall budget. This has happened every year since then. But now there is a budget surplus. 

Since the GEA’s inception, school districts have lost more than $8 billion in state aid cuts. Eastchester alone has lost $3,234,159 in GEA to help the state fill its revenue shortfall.

Our schools are at a financial breaking point. Class sizes are growing as teachers are laid off; academic, extracurricular and sports programs are at risk; and reserve funds are being exhausted. We desperately need these funds that are rightfully ours. We must be loud and clear: There is a budget surplus --- Eliminate the GEA.

Please follow this link to the letter to send our legislators:

Thank you!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Advocacy Alert and NYS PTA


NYS PTA holds positions on a variety of issues that affect the education, health and welfare of children and youth. Occasionally, an issue comes to the forefront with an emergent need to either apprise membership of newly acquired information or to encourage members to Take Action in support of or opposition to state or federal regulations, policy or legislation. Alerts will be posted to the NYS PTA site and will often be sent through the NYS PTA electronic advocacy tool, CapWiz to subscribers. 

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  Please don't wait for others to speak up...

every voice counts, please make yours heard now.